Inglés 5º


SEPTIEMBRE Evaluación inicial
Introduction Main vocabulary Ordinal numbers 1st–10th Spain, France, Thailand, Germany, China, Italy Review of levels 3 and 4 vocabulary
Main structures Review of question forms: What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your favourite hobby? etc
Funciones del lenguaje Presentarse

Hacer y responder a preguntas sobre la identidad de la gente

Utilizar el lenguaje del ordenador


Family and friends

Main vocabulary curly hair, short blond hair, big blue eyes, a fringe, a beard polite, rude, tidy, untidy, on time, late
Main Structures He’s / She’s got (short curly hair). He / She hasn’t got … They’ve got … They haven’t got … He’s / She’s wearing (black trainers). He / She isn’t wearing … They’re wearing … They aren’t wearing …
Funciones del lenguaje Describirse uno mismo y a la gente.

Expresar lo que uno tiene.

Expresar normas.

Cross-curricular themes Geography: School uniforms around the world.
Halloween Main vocabulary Vocabulario clave: monster, vampire, ghost, witch, wizard, black cat, pumpkin, apple; make (cakes), dress up, play, use.

Vocabulario de repaso: spider, celebrate, snake, sugar, chocolate, night, sandwiches, soothie, milkshake, salad, green.

Vocabulario receptivo: dye, Apple bobbing, Apples on strings, scary, lab, slab, began to rise, he did the mash, graveyard smash, it caught on in a flash, cakes


Healthy eating

Main vocabulary carrots, pineapples, broccoli, beans, potatoes, peas, onions, plums, olives, mangoes a sink, a chopping board, a peeler, a knife, a blender
Main structures I like (carrots). I don’t like … it / him / her / them. He / She likes … She doesn’t like … it / him / her / them. He / She quite likes (carrots), but he / she really likes … He / She loves / hates … too. He / She doesn’t like … either.
Funciones del lenguaje Saludar y despedirse

Hacer y responder a preguntas sobre los gustos alimenticios

Expresar gustos y preferencias.

Cross-curricular themes Science: Food groups
DICIEMBRE Christmas Main vocabulary Vocabulario clave: Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, present, Santa Claus, star, stocking, decorations, snowflake, candle, roast turkey, we have (Christmas lunch), open, cook, have, make, cut up, eat, play.
Cross-curricular themes English Christmas celebrations
Evaluación del primer trimestre
                                        ENERO    Tema 3:

My city

Main vocabulary an art gallery, a bowling alley, an ice rink, sports centre, a shopping centre, a restaurant, a football stadium, internet cafe, a tennis court, a skate park a cycle helmet, a reflective vest, lights, a pavement, knee pads, traffic lights
Main Structures There is a (painting). There isn’t a … There are … There aren’t any … Go straight on / past / through … Turn left / right Cross the road
Funciones del lenguaje Hablar sobre lo que se hace el fin de semana.

Expresar lo que hay o no hay al describir una ciudad.

Indicar dirección para ir a un lugar.

Cross-curricular themes Art: Unique buildings
Peace Main vocabulary Vocabulario clave: peace, respect, friendship, diversity, dove, make, draw, write, stick, use, cut, fold, test!
FEBRERO                                                                                          Tema 4:

Sports and hobbies

Main vocabulary playing handball, doing gymnastics, doing aerobics, kitesurfing, bowling, snowboarding, doing judo, playing volleyball, windsurfing, rowing a laptop, a smart phone, texting, an autobiography, wakeboarding, sausage and mash
Main Structures I’m (playing football). He’s (kitesurfing). They’re (making an action film). Is he / she (swimming)? Yes, he / she is. No, he / she isn’t. Are they swimming? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. He / She isn’t (swimming). They aren’t (swimming).
Funciones del lenguaje Expresar gustos en relación con los deportes

Hablar sobre hábitos saludables

Cross-curricular themes Healthy habits



EASTER Vocabulario clave: give Easter eggs, go egg-rolling, go to church, hunt eggs, wear Easter bonnets, eat hot cross buns.

Vocabulario de repaso: get up, church, hide, go up, go down, go left, go right, go straight on, flowers, tree, rabbit, plant, fountain, table, chairs, Easter egg, a basket, the Easter bunny, cards, days of the week.

Vocabulario receptivo: Good Friday, Easter Saturday / Sunday / Monday, Easter parade; celebration, celebrate, good times, have a good time.

Cross-curricular themes English Easter celebrations
Repaso y evaluación segundo trimestre
ABRIL Tema 5:

My Country

Main vocabulary a beach, an island, a jungle, a lake, mountains, an ocean, a river, a waterfall, hills, a volcano a pier, fa orest, pebbles, cliffs, a funfair, a coast
Main Structures Is, are, was, were. My favourite food was pizza. My favourite toys were a scooter and a bike.
Funciones del lenguaje Indicar donde van y que hacen de vacaciones

Expresar preferencias en presente y en pasado

MAYO Tema 6:


Main vocabulary a cheetah, a koala, a rhino, gorilla, a spider, a kangaroo, a hippo, a panda, a zebra, an ant bigger, smaller, slower, faster, heavier, lighter
Main Structures They lived (in the sea). They visited (the centre of China). I watched (the fish). He watched … visited, watched, walked, liked, played
Funciones del lenguaje Hablar de los animales favoritos.

Expresar pasado



Revisión del curso  Repaso y evaluación del tercer trimestre.



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